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Prussia-Austrian War of 1866

The Nechanice area was witness to the decisive battle of the Prussia-Austrian War in 1866,
on July 3rd. Nechanice, one of the three places, where the battle started, was attacked by the Prussian Elbe Army. The second place involved in the clash was Sadová. Silent witnesses to the bloody fights can be found in Nechanice Army Cemetery and the many graves scattered in the villages of the northern part of the Micro-region, marked with monuments. The largest concentrations of them are at Probluz and Sadová. The War Museum and a viewing tower are open to the public in the central part of the battlefield in nearby Chlum.

Harp-Playing tradition

The town of Nechanice and its vicinity is renowned for groups of musicians, who in the second half of the 19th century used to travel around almost the entire world to earn a living. They travelled around Central and Southern Europe; they played mainly in Russia, but also in Turkey, Egypt and the Far East until the beginning of World War One.

Significant Personalities

Some significant personalities came from Nechanice. The most famous are Ignác Raab 
- a Baroque painter, Jan Novopacký - a landscape artist and Jan Křtitel Vaňhal - a musical composer. The first Minister of Finance of the Czechoslovak Republic JUDr. Alois Rašín and the general František Tichý - a legionary and member of the resistance, were born there.