Nechanicko znak Mikroregion Nechanicko

Welcome to the Nechanice Micro-Region!

Nechanice Micro-Region

The Nechanice Micro-Region borders Hradec Králové to the east and the Nový Bydžov Micro-Region to the west. Its area corresponds approximately with the former pre-war Nechanice District. The contemporary Micro-Region consists of 20 villages and their colonies.

The target of the Micro-Region is to ensure the harmonic development of the entire area, to mediate in communication with public administration institutions and to help with bringing investments into the area. One of the basic tasks is also to support tourism.

Through this webpages we would like to present some of the interesting places of the Nechanice Micro-Region, which are definitely worth visiting.

Administration Board of the Nechanice Micro-Region