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Ideas for Trips

Castle - Hrádek u Nechanic - the well-known Neo-Gothic residence of the Harrach Family.

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Stěžery Castle – originally a Renaissance castle rebuilt to its present appearance after the fire in 1844. On the eastern side – black and white graffito. The castle is not open to the public.

Dolní Přím Castle – a Baroque building rebuilt from an original Renaissance fort with the assistance of Italian architect C.A. Lurag. The castle is the seat of the municipal authority and cultural programmes are held in the Castle Chapel.

Monuments from the War of 1866 – there are several of them located in Nechanice, Hrádek, Dolní Přím, at Probluz, Sadová, Dohalice and Mokrovousy.

Ecclesiastical Architecture - churches: Nechanice, Stěžery, Dohalice, Hnevčeves, Probluz, Stračov, Boharyně, Hrádek.

Folk Architecture – original timber mills can be found in Nerošov and Popovice, and original timber cottages in Lubno, Sobětuš, Tůň and Puchlovice.

Sovětice – the village is becoming known to the public thanks to the agro-tourism on the farm of ing. František Petřík. Beside the stylish interior, the most attractive aspect is horse riding on the grounds of the battlefield of 1866.

Interesting Natural Sights – the oldest oak, not only in the Nechanice area, but also in the entire Hradec Králové region, can be found near Popovice mill. Other monumental trees are located in the castle park, in the Stýskal woodland area, a hundred year old linden tree in Hněvčeves and some others in other villages.

Swimming Area and Lodín Camp – newly built grounds with several swimming pools with
a helter-skelter, an area for small children and a multi-purpose sports field. A new camp
with a capacity of 40 people.

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Hrádek Golf – a golf course in the peaceful environment of the English-style park of Hrádek Castle provides facilities for professional golf tournaments as well as lessons for beginners.

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